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AWA WEALTH MANAGEMENT offers all-encompassing services for our clients. We are a highly respected financial services firm in Northern California and Carson City, Nevada. Our reputation thrives on our high-level of customer satisfaction. We are true wealth advisors who can address the entire range of financial concerns of our clients, from growing your wealth to planning for your family’s future.

Whether you are a veteran investor looking for more, or you are just starting to manage your portfolio, AWA WEALTH MANAGEMENT can help you work toward your biggest life concerns and goals. We will stay on track to pursue your lifetime goals for you and your family.

AWA Wealth Management Process

With over 28 years in business Derrick Andrews, President of AWA Wealth Management, LLC, has established a six step process that sets us apart and consistently demonstrates personal qualities that our clients appreciate.

We go beyond just assets to explore our client’s values, beliefs, needs and dreams. Our trustworthiness and dependability are vital as we seek to turn these into realities.

Our key strategies seek to take our clients well beyond simply investments and address financial concerns in four major areas.

  1. Wealth enhancement - Advanced planning to help clients with ensuring “cash flow” and mitigating taxes. The goal is to minimize tax impact on clients’ investment returns.
  2. Wealth Protection- Advanced planning that involves employing concepts and strategies to ensure your wealth is not unjustly taken from potential litigants, ex-spouses, and children’s spouses as well as to protect you against catastrophic loss.
  3. Charitable Giving - Advanced planning for helping fulfill clients philanthropic goals and maximizing the effectiveness of a charitable intent.
  4. Wealth Transfer - Advanced planning to help our client effectively protect their assets and facilitate the most tax-efficient ways to pass assets to succeeding generations in a way that meets the client’s wishes.

AWA Wealth Management Process

Our Six Step process will right from the start engender loyalty and trust. We hope you’ll join us on that journey.

Discovery Meeting
Investment Plan Meeting
Mutual Commitment
45 Day Review
Regular Progress Meetings
The Advanced Plan

Discovery Meeting

Everyone needs and deserves a quality financial plan. Preparation brings our most enduring success. Derrick raises the bar, making the client to experience consistent and quality financial plans. He increases your efficiency and enables you to add value to the planning process based on your experience, knowledge and relationship on an unprecedented scale.

Investment Plan Meeting - Presentation of investment plan

AWA WEALTH MANAGEMENT encourages an honest dialogue between client and advisor to help us to agree on and meet expectations. A diagnostic of the current situation, recommendations for moving forward and details on investing approach is presented at this meeting.

  1. We use a responsive high tech interface, MONEY GUIDE PRO,
  2. We establish an investment plan with recommendations for your current situation, then moving forward using an optimum investment approach.

Mutual Commitment

Ready to commit! After identifying your goals and everything that is important to you, we agree to move forward to the next step of our wealth management process, a Mutual Commitment Meeting. We will execute the documents necessary to put your plan into motion. We encourage you to call or come into the office any time with questions, modifications, and /or if changes want to be made due to life events. This exceptional service offers and delivers clients full time access to services designed around the client’s needs.

45 Day Review

This meeting is an opportunity to come back into the office and ask any questions you may have after having some time to look through all your accounts and paperwork. Since setting goals are the “foundations on which all subsequent work depends” a considerable amount of time and effort must be spent to get them right. This 45 day review builds clear communication, provides education and helps establish trust for our clients. AWA honors the opportunity to track your portfolio progress and fine-tune plans along the way.

Regular Progress Meetings

Review of progress and implementation on advanced plan twice a year.

The Advanced Plan

Our team of carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial areas evaluate all aspects of your financial situation.

AWA Wealth Management, LLC networks and collaborates with one or all of the following professionals; Certified Financial Advisor, Estate Attorney, CPA accountant, Insurance Broker, Property Management, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Broker. We can assist in all aspects of Wealth Management.

This team of specialists applies its expertise to evaluate all aspects of client’s financial situation and devise appropriate strategy.


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